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NyoomCarts is a Spigot plugin that brings speed modification and more to minecarts.


NyoomCarts uses signs in order to affect nearby minecarts. It currently supports two types of signs: speed signs and launcher signs.

Players must have the permission nyoomcarts.sign in order to place NyoomCarts signs. All NyoomCarts signs start with the first line: [nyoom]

Speed signs

Speed signs change the maximum speed of the minecart. Speed signs use a multiplier of the vanilla minecart speed (i.e. 1 is normal speed, 2 is 2x the normal speed, etc.) Speed signs must be formatted like the following:

(speed multiplier)

Speed signs need to be placed beside or below the rail (green wool marks where signs can be placed):

Launcher signs

Launcher signs launch the minecart in a certain cardinal direction when the sign is powered with a redstone signal. Launcher signs must be formatted like the following:

(cardinal direction)

Launcher signs need to be powered towards the sign face, like so:

Empty Cart Detector (ECD) signs

ECD signs destroy empty carts that pass over or nearby them. ECD signs must be formatted like the following:


If the sign is placed correctly, the first line will turn bold and green to signify that the sign is valid.


Configuration is very simple for the time being. max-speed-multiplier sets the maximum speed. If the speed is greater on the sign, the cart will be clamped to the speed specified in the config file.

  max-speed-multiplier: 3
# Do not edit!
file-version: 1


NyoomCarts uses BoostedYAML and bStats. See the NOTICE for more details.

NyoomCarts is licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

Inspired by MinecartSpeedPlus.

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